867 Highlands Road

  Franklin, NC  28734

  Mgr, Don Capaforte


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Under cover rain or shine  


Some Stores open daily all year  


Watch for news about the SnackBar


June's Junktiques

(Open Daily)

Avon -
Tupperware -
Collectibles -
Books -
 and lots more.

Cowboys and Divas
3 stores in one

Gifts, Jewelry, Shoes, Tops, and Dresses - Bridal - Prom
Denim - Crystal
Cowboy Boots - Rhinestone Belts


Lisa's Bargain Bin

Custom Flower Arrangements
Clever gift items

Front of store

O'Henry's 2nd Hand Shop
LARGE selection of Videos, Books, and curios

Pix of entry


Kovacs Signs

Full Service Sign Shop
Development, Entrance and Site signs
Rustic Wood, Sandblasted, Home Signs,
Banners and Vehicle Tags

On Call Maintenance

Maintenance you can afford!

24 Hr Service

Steve 828-342-4894  Owner

Eric 828-242-8702 Project Manager

Charlie's Corner
(Most Weekends Weather Permitting)
W/ Many Stores & Tables
Bedding, Furniture, Collectables
Indian Craft, Tools, Jewelry,
Pots & Pans, TV Movies,
Produce and Clothing.
'Ya gotta see it!'


Computer Services
 - at -

(Open Daily)

Specializing in affordable used computers and Linux based system upgrades

PC Service









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